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Beyonce and Jay Z Are Going To ‘SECRETLY SEPARATE’ After The Tour?


Insiders are claiming Jay Z and Beyonce’s marriage is all but over and the only thing keeping them together is their tour. Don’t believe it but read below and tell us what you think below….

From Page Six
BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z have more than 99 problems and only “divine intervention” can save the troubled marriage, a source close to the powerful couple has told The Post.
While Jay Z seemingly is the one most at fault, he’s also the one doing all in his power to keep the couple together, even hiring marriage counselors who are believed to be traveling with the super duo on their tour, the source said.
“They are trying to figure out a way to split without divorcing . . . This is a huge concert tour and they’ve already gotten most of the money from the promoters up front,” the source said.
Despite the tens of millions the couple will pocket from the current tour, this will certainly be their last and the end of the tour could officially spell the end of the marriage, the source said.
“There are no rings, if you haven’t noticed,” the source said, admitting that he thought things would get better after the birth of the couple’s daughter, Blue Ivy Carter.
“For just a split moment, things got real for them and she was even talking about adding to the family,” the source said.
“But, after a while, Jay was out doing Jay and Bey was out doing Bey. They made the classic mistake of thinking a child would change everything and help to rekindle the initial fire, and it didn’t.”

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UNN Lecturer Commits Suicide

A lecturer in the Faculty of Law at the University of Nigeria Nsukka, Dr Bede Opata has reportedly committed suicide over a yet-to-be ascertained reason, Thisday reports.
Sources within the university say the 38 year old law lecturer killed himself in his apartment within the town on Saturday July 19th but his body was only discovered on Sunday July 20th.
The lecturer who holds a doctorate degree in Law, hailed from Nsukka, Enugu state and was the son of a former Commissioner in the old Anambra state, Chief Cletus Opata.

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Shame! Mother & daughter fight over boyfriend

A 42-year- old housewife in Asaba, Delta State on Sunday, engaged her 17 year-old daughter in a fight for allegedly snatching her boyfriend.
Eyewitness said that a scene was created around St. Brigid’s Girls College, Asaba, Sunday afternoon after both of them exchanged blows.
As both of them engaged themselves in a fight, motorists on the popular busy road stopped to watch what one of them described as a show of shame.
The mother allegedly “snatched” the daughter’s boyfriend, who works in one of the oil companies in Warri.
The daughter was said to have become furious when she heard that her boyfriend was caught pants down with her mother in an hotel in the state.
The trouble between the mother and her daughter became aggravated when the ‘lover boy’ began to act in a strange manner towards the girl.
While the show of shame between them lasted, the daughter was said to have called the mother a shameless woman and a prostitute, who drove the father out of the house with her demands for too much sEx.

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RCCG Pastor Shot, Butchered In Borno

The killing of a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor by the Boko Haram sect in troubled Borno state has thrown the church into mourning and apprehension.

The pastor, Taiwo Dokun was killed in the insurgents attack on Dille village in Askira-Uba local government area of the state on Monday.

According to some members of RCCG who spoke to journalists in Maiduguri, the whereabouts of the late pastor’s wife and three children is not yet known.

“The family could have been abducted by the insurgents who took away many of the residents of the town as the family members were not found since the attack and have not called any one.

“Though their residence was completely razed by the insurgents, their corpses were not found in the debris,” one of the church members who preferred anonymity told journalists.

Speaking from Dille on Friday, Jacob Mamza narrated how the pastor was killed in the attack which claimed 45 lives. He said “the pastor was in his house at about 6am when the insurgents attacked the village, his house was surrounded by the hoodlums and while attempting to run he was shot.

“Pastor Taiwo was running to a neighbour’s house and it was in the course of his fleeing that he was shot in the head and the chest and the insurgent equally came to butcher him to make sure that he was dead.”

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Mikel Obi opens up on his relationship with Genevieve Nnaji

mikelGenevieve-Nnaji (1)

Footballer, Mikel Obi has praised Nollywood actress, Genevieve Nnaji describing her as a lovely person.

Genevieve and Mikel began their working relationship when they were both signed by Amstel Malta as ambassadors.
Mikel spoke about the screen diva during an event organized for the Nigerian Breweries brand in Lagos.
He said:

“We work together, it’s a working relationship”. “We endorsed Amstel Malta together, she’s a very nice person; I spoke to her a few times and she’s a very lovely person.”

The Chelsea midfielder is currently in a romantic relationship with a Russian woman and he sparked possible wedding rumours when he confessed to being in love.

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Nollywood Actor Jnr Pope Odonwodo and fiance rocks the old school style in new Pre-wedding Photos


Nollywood actor Jnr Pope Odowodo and his fiancee, Jennifer Okpuno, who he proposed to September last year, have released their pre wedding photos. And it’s so creatively, uniquely beautiful. Pope and fiancĂ©e will be getting married this July 26th. Big congrats to them.









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Two men arrested with corpse of 3-year-old girl


Two men, Jonathan Nwogu from Mgboko Umuola in Obingwa LGA of Abia state and Chibuike Anubuife from Ezeagu LGA of Enugu State were arrested by the Abia state command of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC while trying to bury the corpse of a 3 year old girl in an abandoned pit in Osisioma, near Aba on Wednesday July 16th, Vanguard reports.
Parading the men before newsmen, the state commandant of the NSCDC, Andy Dateer, said the men were apprehended at Enyimba petrol station near Ariara International market, Aba as they tried to put the young girl’s corpse in a sack for burial. A quarrel ensued between the men and another man who was to convey them to the point of burial in his car when men of the NSCDC, who were on a routine patrol around the city, saw them.
“As people started gathering, the owner of the car zoomed off and my men arrested the two suspects. If they had not been saved by my men, the public would have lynched them and the society would not be able to know the mystery behind their act” he said

Speaking with newsmen, one of the suspects, Chibuike said he met Jonathan for the first time on that day as he pleaded with him to help him bury the little child. Jonathan on the other hand said a man accosted him to help him bury the child.
The NSCDC boss said both suspects will be handed to the police for further investigations.

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Why we have many pastors as members –Paramount head, Ogboni

Why we have many pastors as members –Paramount head, Ogboni

How did your romance with the Ogboni fraternity begin?
I am Oba Olamilekan Ifayemi and I be­came Ogboni member over 30 years ago when I joined AborigineOgboni fraternity of Nigeria. I was born into a family of traditionalists, and therefore it becomes natural that I should have a liking for the Ogboni people. I like their ways of life, their respect for culture, and ways of our forefathers. The day I joined the Ogboni group marked a turning point in my life. My life has not remained the same again. My joy, and happiness in­creased when I joined the Ogboni group.
But it is the general belief of peo­ple that Ogboni is synonymous with evil, and that your members used to kill people and even drink blood during initiation, what is your reac­tion to this?
People saying these things are malicious especially some pastors who make it a habit to attack our members. Ogboni people are peace loving. We are children of light as we abhor anything evil or darkness. It is a pity that some people have deliberately indulged in this malicious propaganda againstOgboni over the years.
Contrary to the wrong impression being harboured against us, Ogboni is an extension of African traditional religion. Let me take you back to the olden days in Yoruba land before the colonialists came.Ogboni plays promi­nent roles in the affairs of the society. Our members are society watchdog, and not only in the old Oyo empire, Ogboni played key role in the installation and removal of a monarch.
But with the advent of colonialism and influx of mis­sionaries, these preachers started making disparaging re­marks against Ogboni, even describing it as a secret cult which we are not.
Are you saying Ogboni is not a secret cult?
What does light have in common with darkness? Og­boni members are children of light. We don’t kill, we save lives. This is why I challenge those pastors or anybody who claims we eat people or suck blood to a public de­bate. I want them to show proof of where any of our mem­bers is involved in act of cannibalism.
Don’t mind these pastors who I will refer to as hypo­crites. If we are evil, why do they come to us to acquire power? Those of them that you see crowd in their church, do you think it is through their own prayers that make them to have such a crowd? If I make certain revelations on some well known pastors in this country who rode to stardom on the back of Ogboni, you will be shocked.
These pastors say we are evil, yet when armed rob­bers descend on their churches, they used to come cap in hand begging us the traditionalists to help secure their churches. Did you not report of how traditionalists and some OPC members were recruited to provide security in churches? Again, how many times have you heard about armed robbers invading Ogboni place of worship? Never. It will never happen but we see armed robbers robbing churches at will. Ask yourself who is cleaner between Og­boni and the pastors?
But if you claim you are not a secret cult, why do you hold your meetings at night?
That shows the bias that some people have against us again. Don’t churches organise vigils, and even now mus­lims through such organisations as NASFAT hold vigils regularly. To answer your question, I will not deny that we often meet at nights, but not every time.
As members of Saala Ogboni Fellowship of Nigeria and Overseas, we hold our meetings during day time, and this is usually on the 1st Sunday of every month, but when occasion demands that we should meet at night, we do so, and the main reason for this is to ensure that we are not disturbed or distracted by noises during day time. Our members also have their own quiet time during which we pray and meditate.
Our meetings at night are not for evil purpose but to ensure that we worship our creator in quietude. I can’t un­derstand why our people like to disparage what is African. Look at India and China, they still keep faith with their traditional religions in spite of the incursion of western influence in their countries. Majority of Indians today are Hindus, while many Chinese still practice Confucianism. This is why I challenge these people to a public debate in order to clear the air about these misconceptions. I in­vite any pastor or any other Nigerian seeking the truth and knowledge to Ogboni meetings.

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Folks Would You Rock This Outfit?

Folks Would You Rock This Outfit?

Folks Would You Rock This Outfit?

Oh my! And fashion keeps getting crazier. Now over to the dude would you rock this sexy outfit?

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Actress Chika Ike disgraced for sleeping with Ngozi’s husband

chika ikeg
Here is a photo from one of Chika Ike productions work, she posted the picture with tag below.. We expect to see more actions from this one because Aunt Ngozi is a no-nonsense woman..
Aunty Ngozi just gave me a dirty slap because she thinks I’m sleeping with her husband who is my boss !!! Choi! The slap enter o!!! #innocentsecretary #filming #ontothenext #nollywood #filmarkproduction #thehustleisreal #nofoodforlazywoman #ilovemyjobandlife ❤

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TRUE CONFESSION: How I Sold My Semen For 10k To Unilag Runz Girls

This weird and shocking -out -of -this -world story was left as a comment in one of the posts and I do not know what to make of it…..na wah oh, things are happening!
NIYI said…
My name is Niyi(not real name); a 200 level student of theUniversity of Lagos, department of ermmm, I don’t think that information is necessary.
Well, I just want to share this particular experience with my fellow guys out there, some of us might have been victims of what I’m about to share but have kept it as a secret because of the fear of what people might say.
Few weeks ago before the start of the 2nd semester examination, I went to read all night at theAkintunde Ojo Memorial Library, having played and partied all through the semester, I needed to get myself ready for the upcoming examination by doing some couple of overnight reading.
At about 2am that night while reading, I needed to ease myself, so I went to the back of the library to urinate. As I was urinating I noticed a pretty fair chic leaning on the wall about 7 meters from me.
I got a bit uncomfortable with the way she was watching me take a leak, I took my eyes off her before I finished urinating.
As I was walking back to the library, I heard a tiny sweet voice say HI, it had to be her, I couldn’t help but turn back and respond to her greeting.
As I walked towards her, I couldn’t help but admire her Mila kunis kind of eyes, her Kim Kardashian hips and what a view. In short this girl was the definition of HOT!!!! Her P needed to be set without hesitation was what I said in my mind before getting to her.
On getting to where she was standing I asked if she called me, she said yes and I asked why, she said she just felt like. I asked her what she was doing out there alone and she said she was reading in the library and came out to get some fresh air and she was a bit bored.
I need not dull this P that was right in front of me so I started conversing with her for like an hour before she started getting so close to me at that moment I knew she wanted some cuddling or smooching maybe because of the cold temperature at that time which made it worse as we were few meters away from the Lagoon front; we smooched a little and as it was getting intense I told her we should go somewhere else because of the people that will see us where we were.
I took her to Hell Fire (a coded place in Faculty of Engineering), we got there and continued and before I knew it she unzipped my trousers and brought out my d*** and put in her mouth. Damn! This was my best night ever in the University of Lagos campus.
She sucked it like a professional then suddenly a girl showed up from nowhere, at that point I lost control of myself because I didn’t know what was happening, the new girl brought out a cup from her bag and when I was about to c*m they both made sure my c*m poured into the cup and the new girl took out an envelope from her bag and gave me. Immediately they left, I was shocked by what just happened and couldn’t do or say anything.
About three minutes after they left; I started realizing what had happened, then the envelope in my hand I opened it and the sum of#10,000was contained in it.
Series of thoughts ran through my mind, crazy ones that I can’t list here. I’m sure as you reading this, lot of things would have gone through your mind with the exchange that happened. Since then I have not been myself, better I stop here but I just want my fellow guys out there to learn a lesson from this experience of mine.

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Bola Tinubu Created Boko Haram – Nigeria’s Minister of State For Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro Speaks

Bola Tinubu’s Friends Created Boko Haram – Nigeria’s Minister of State For Defence, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro
“The Boko Haram mess we are dealing with was created by Tinubu’s friends who promised to make Nigeria ungovernable for this Government” – Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, Minister of State for Defence.
The minister of state for defence, Senator Musiliu Obaniko just minutes ago alerted Nigerians to the fact that APC chieftain and former Governor of Lagos State, Senator Bola Tinubu is behind the Boko Haram menace in Nigeria. The minister made the comment via his Twitter page. Tweets by the minister himself are marked #MO, an indication that this is the position of the minister and pointedly could be assumed to be the position of the government he represents.
Nigerians will now expect that the Federal Government will go ahead to arrest Senator Bola Tinubu and the friends mentioned by the minister. At this point, it appears minister of state Obanikoro will be very useful to investigations around finding those behind Boko Haram. One can expect the government to make arrests soon, a failure to do so would indicate a continued state of cluelessness on the part of the authorities.

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Tiwa Savage on why she married her hubby Teebillz


They are one of the most talked about love birds in the music industry and according to a recent report on CityPeople magazine, Tiwa Savage revealed how she and hubby Teebillz met, fell in love and are married today.
  • How they met:
I met Tee Billz in Los Angeles, at Timaya’s concert actually and I was at that time looking for a manager and he didn’t listen to my cd unfortunately. So when I saw him, I was a bit angry , I was like I dropped my songs a few weeks ago and am the next big thing and you are missing out and he was like wow calm down ,who are you? And then funny enough the next thing he said was, I am going to marry you.

  • On how he finally proposed years later, Tiwa said:
We had actually come back from Dubai a few days earlier and spent a week there. I actually thought he was going to propose to me there. I was hoping he would propose while we were in Dubai, so day 1, day 2 day 3 all the way to the 7th day and nothing happened. I was a bit disappointed and was worried like ”Oh My God, is he ever going to propose?”
But a few days later, on my birthday, he said to me he thinks we should go out with some friends so I was like hell no, I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to be at home, I want to reflect on my life (laughs). So my friend Elohor called me and said every body is waiting for you, just come out so I finally did then it happened.
He went on his knees and I didn’t even wait to hear what he was saying because every body was screaming so much. I don’t even know if he actually asked me to marry him but I just screamed yes (laughs) I actually want to thank him specially because he has been a blessing to me.

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Dino Melaye’s pregnant new wife has left him..

According to family sources, Dino Melaye’s new wife, the one he introduced earlier just a few months after his wife of 10 years, Tokunbo Melaye, moved out claiming domestic violence, has also moved out of the former rep member and activist’s home.
Alero, who is said to be about five months pregnant moved out this morning, telling friends that Dino was also hitting her and she couldn’t take it anymore. Her friends say she’d left the short marriage twice before but returned. But this time, it’s final. The couple got married traditional in Dec. 2013.
One of Tokunobo Melaye’s family members just tweeted about the new wife moving out.
Now how is she going to fix this with her 5 months pregnancy.**SAY NO TO DOMESTIC VIOLENCE****

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Divorced Cases That Shook Nollywood

funke akindele and husband
Some allege that Nollywood is synonymous to divorce, but I strongly disagree. This is because there are marriage crashes everywhere. The marriages of pastors, bankers, politicians, civil servants etc do crash.

But we get to hear more about the so called frequent marriage crashes in Nollywood because they are in the limelight.

Nevertheless, whenever most Nollywood marriages crash, we get to hear that they crashed because of incompatibility and irreconcilable differences.

Below are list of top Nollywood stars whose divorce and separation shook Nollywood and made their fans to feel bad.

His case was filled with much drama, he left his estranged wife Lilian to marry another without proper divorce, and the drama that followed shook Nollywood.

His marriage to the only daughter of CPM General Overseer, Ogechi Ezekiel lasted barely for two years and it ended in 2002. The crashed marriage produced a son. The crashed marriage shook the industry as Kenneth had turned born again even before they got married.

Uche who is heavily pregnant and currently in the US awaiting her delivery recently disclosed that her few months old marriage to Apo has crashed based on lies and deceit on the part of Apo, and this shocked her fans.

The very beautiful Chiege was once married to Tony Ebbe, a senior police officer. The marriage produced a daughter. Chiege disclosed that her marriage to Mr Ebbe lasted for just 3 months

Funke’s marriage to Alhaji Almaroof crashed barely a year after it was contracted to the consternation of fans.

Their marriage crashed like a badly arranged cards as Ayo disclosed that she packed out of her marriage at midnight.

Monalisa shocked her fans when she announced years back that she has left her marriage over domestic violence and abuse. She practically ran out of her matrimonial home.

Chika was married to Tony Ebieri but she filled for divorce and won because of domestic violence.

Stephanie was briefly married to Chikelue Iloanus but she left him. There were accusations and counter accusations of infidelity. Iloanusi also blamed his mother inlaw too.

Lola Alao’s former husband attacked her severally in the media and said unprintable things about her when their marriage crashed.

They surprised so many people with their separation and it generated so much drama.

Her crashed marriage to Mr Okunfulire generated lots of noise as her ex said so many unprintable things about Laide.

Their crashed marriage shook the industry and it crashed over Jeta’s domineering attitude.

Fred and Agatha Amata’s crashed union shook the industry as well. The marriage produced 2 kids and Fred later moved over to actress Ibinabo Fiberesima,and their affair which produced a cute baby girl also crumbled.

Foluke was married to Tunde Sobowale but the marriage crashed few years after.

Eucharia was heart broken years ago after her husband Mr Ekwu dumped her and eloped. She later filled for divorce.

Regina Askia was briefly married to a money bag, Charles Orie, but she dumped him for American Ruddy Williams. Charles remarried only months ago.

Many fans of these actors were pained at their separation.

Shan has been married and divorced thrice. Her divorce with Tony Nwosisi generated lots of controversies.

Clarion has been married and divorced at least twice.

Stella and Emeka Nzeribe didn’t stay up to a year in their marriage to the consternation of fans. Stella rushed into that marriage and rushed out.

Uche’s marriage to Juwon Lawal lasted barely a year and it produced a kid.

Kate and her British ex, Mr Nuttal shocked fans with their separation after about 10 years of marriage which produced a daughter.

Fans were elated when the then very beautiful Ann married Segun but were shocked when Anne left the marriage, breaking Arinze’s heart. The marriage produced a daughter who is about 17 years now.

Their union crashed over accusation of infidelity. Binta accused Jibola of bringing women into their matrimonial home.

Robert’s 5 year old marriage to his American wife crashed last year.

Jackie’s marriage which produced a son crashed after 3 years to the amazement of fans.

Pretty Juliet’s marriage to pilot Kwadwo Safo ended a while ago and Juliet recently announced it. The marriage which produced a son crashed over Mr Safo’s cheating habit and his family’s unnecessary interferences.

The marriage of late Funmi Martins daughter, Mide to actor Afeez crashed on alleged infidelity accusation by Afeez.

Rumour-mongers claim that Bukky is married to four other men aside her new husband.“We gathered that her first was to one Gboyega Amu with whom she had two children.
Shortly after separating from Amu, due to what she termed irreconcilable differences, she moved into the arms of fellow actor and one time NNPC top shot and current member of the House of Representatives, Rotimi Makinde, without officially divorcing Gboyega Amu.
The union lasted a few years before she moved on in the same fashion and found solace in the arms of society journalist and image maker, Femi Davies.Bukky and Femi got married at the Akodo Registry in Lagos without still dissolving her early marriages.
Her nuptials with Femi Davies followed the same pattern.It did not last up to a year before she also walked away without going to the courts to seek for a divorce, making her the wife of three men. Not done with the three and the numerous flings,she later got hitched with renowned music promoter, Bolaji Saheed aka Basia who was then based in Canada.”Within a short time, and true to type, they got married in a hush-hush Islamic Nikkai.

30 NGOZI NWOSU: The Arochukwu Abia born actress marriage to her Yoruba husband crashed years ago.
See Source for pictures Here

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Nigerian Actress Ini Edo Suffers Another Miscarriage 6 Years After Marriage… How Her Husband’s Ex-Wife Tied Her Womb

According to MimiUbini Blog
Ini Edo Loses Pregnancy Again: Actress Suffers Another Miscarriage 6 Years After Marriage
Less than 9 weeks ago, the news of Ini Edo’s conception was the most talked about story on the net with many of her fans including Me wishing her a safe delivery but as we speak, the reverse is the case.
Ini Edo has suffered yet another miscarriage making this her third miscarriage since her highly celebrated wedding in 2008.
A source who told me on a condition of anonymity claimed that Ini Edo’s ex-Husband’s wife, another Nollywood actress is behind her problem.
We learnt when Ini Edo allegedly snatched Phillip Ehiagwina from her over 8 years ago, she allegedly vowed that she will remain barren in her husband’s house.. Though she (name withheld) said it out of anger, since then Ini Edo has been having one miscarriage after the other.
Ini Edo was in her late first trimester when she lost this pregnancy, a case similar to her other pregnancies.

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New York Magazine Criticizes President Jonathan

New York Magazine Criticizes President Jonathan
Criticism for President Goodluck Jonathan has come from quite an unexpected source. The New York Post heavily criticized President Goodluck Jonathan’s Washington Post ‘Op-Ed’ editorial. Their rebuke, titled ‘Goodluck Nigeria,’ took aim at what they called ‘newspaper diplomacy.’
In a story that came to light in the Washington-based, and Congress focused weekly magazine called THE HILL, it was revealed that Jonathan’s administration had hired a PR Firm for $1.2 million to help clean up the government’s image (Check here for full details). Within days of that disclosure the Nigerian president wrote the Washington Post Op-Ed that painted a sympathetic portrait of his ongoing ‘quiet fight’ with the Boko Haram.
Here is the New York Post’s scathing editorial below:
When in April the Islamist group Boko Haram abducted nearly 300 girls from their school in northeast Nigeria, it commanded global attention and sparked a #BringBackOurGirls movement.
But the girls are still missing. The campaign seems to have moved from hashtag ­demands to ­newspaper column ­diplomacy. On Friday, The Washington Post carried an op-ed by no less than the ­president of Nigeria himself, Goodluck Jonathan.
In it he wrote, “Something positive can come out of [this situation] in Nigeria.” He says, “Most important, the return of the Chibok girls, but also new international cooperation to deny havens to terrorists and destroy their organizations.”
And he says he’s going to ask the UN General Assembly to establish and coordinate a system to share intelligence, etc.
Remember, this is the same leader whose military initially claimed it had freed the girls, whose wife’s anger was directed at Nigerians protesting the government’s inaction rather than the kidnappers and who presides over Africa’s largest economy and fourth-largest armed forces.
Meanwhile, this week Boko Haram kidnapped another 90 Nigerian children and set off a massive bomb in the heart of the nation’s capital.
Apparently the government’s secret plan to get the girls back — which President Jonathan says he has to “remain quiet about” — isn’t much impressing them.

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Donjazzy mocks D’banj, his label and Tonto Dikeh’s new single

We all know and agreed that DoroBucci has taken over the airwaves but that doesn’t mean other artiste and labels can’t do better, Tonto Dikeh has finally dropped her official single Sugar Rush from D’banj’s DB Records..
But Donjazzy on his normal ground can’t just help but post this pictures you will find below and many of his fans blasted him for being arrogant and selfish..
Listen and download the song Here

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I’m a virg.in, I know nothing about Knacking! — Actress Seyi Hunter

When Afro-pop singer, Adokiye declared she was a virgin in a chat with Vanguard’s recently, many thought she could possibly be the last of the virgins in the Nigerian entertainment industry.
But it seems there are others, at least one other, as another entertainer, Seyi Hunter has come out to declare she is a virgin as well. Read her chat with Vanguard below:
What’s your view on por.nography in the industry?
So far I’ve not done any por.nographic movie and I’ve not gotten any por.nographic script.

What if you were asked to, would you?
Let that time come first. When I get to that bridge, I would cross it.

Can you go n.ude in a movie?
I can’t go stark n.ude in any movie. I can’t even strip n.aked in front of any body.

Would you have se.x in a movie?
We don’t have real se.x in movies, it’s make-believe, we don’t do the real thing. I can kiss,sm.ooch and touch. It’s my job, there’s nothing to it and it ends there, it doesn’t go beyond the camera.

Are you in a relationship?
Yes. I was attracted to him because of the fact that he’s born again, spoils me with gifts and puts my needs before his own.
Se.x and money, which is more important to you in a relationship?

I know nothing about sex, I’m a virgin. Money is more important to me in a relationship.
Do any of you reading this now believe she’s a Vi.rgin or does she look like one?

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Actress Ini Edo shares kisses to her beloved fans on her new beautiful selfie

Ini Edo tiwa
Yes, she’s happy and balling despite the fact that some Olofofo’s wants to ruin her happiness, Believe me guys i have never seen Ini smile so good for long and she’s looking pretty cool here meanwhile check out the beautiful pictures she shared on her IG few hours ago below..
ini edo tiwa2
ini edo tiwa3

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