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HP Pavilion 15 Laptops

HP Pavilion 15 Laptops

HP Pavilion 15 are a powerful multimedia laptops. No matter what you do on it: play games, talking in chat, send pictures, buy online, or simply listening to music - this robust laptop will give you confidence and comfort for all day to day tasks. And if you want to purchase such a powerful tool for your work and entertainment, use Jiji - you will be pleasantly impressed with difference of prices and service for HP Pavilions 15!

HP Pavilion 15 laptops are a "golden" middle between the high computing power and affordability for the majority of users. This model occupies a very good position in the segment of modern devices for solving a variety of problems, whether it is to work with data in a multi-tasking environment or running game applications.


HP Pavilion 15 laptops have a well thought design with rounded corners. Surface finish black or white with a special pattern. Along the perimeter of the laptop runs beautiful silver band.


Briefly, the basis of design Intel Core i5-5200U processor, complete with 4 - 16 GB of RAM for fast operation. For multimedia content processing graphics was used the built-in nVidia GeForce GT graphics card, which is sufficient power for many of today's gaming applications. Roomy hard drive up to 2TB guarantees the ability to install a very demanding program of free memory sizes. webcam is also integrated to communicate on Skype, supported system Bang & Olufsen Sound. To display an image used TFT display 15.6 ". The functionality and practicality can connect external devices via USB 2.0 / 3.0 interface. There is Bluetooth support. The battery capacity is sufficient for continuous operation. Sophisticated hull form guarantees efficient and convenient operation of the device.
Completion of the large display on a modern matrix with HD-resolution makes viewing high-quality content and work as comfortable and efficient. In addition, this laptops are equipped with high quality web-cam, microphone and stereo speakers, a comfortable island type keyboard  and touchpad supporting Multi-Touch gestures. A complete set of wired and wireless interfaces to easily enable to connect an external monitor, printer or hard disk.

Using Features

Comfortable and stylish laptops HP Pavilion 15- are a new generation of device for watching movies, storing and processing information, as well as the games at any time and in any place. Due to the increased battery capacity, the device can be operated without interruption for several hours, so you can travel, relax or present your work anywhere in the world. An important aspect when choosing this model is its sound quality and with a clear picture of the camera. This allows you to videoconference at a distance without losing quality.

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