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21 Things Tiwa Savage Said About TeeBillz Accusations

But in an exclusive interview with Azuka Ogujiuba, ThisDay Editor, which was obtained exclusively by Pulse TV, Tiwa Savage addressed the allegations, and made emotional revelations about her husband.
Tiwa Savage has addressed the shocking accusations levelled against her by (ex) husband Tunji ‘Teebillz’ Balogun.
Yesterday, Teebillz had taken to social media to level allegations of infidelity, neglect and passive torture from Tiwa Savage in their marriage. He was later reported to have attempted suicide by jumping off the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge in Lagos.
The allegations brought on a lot of heat and discussions on social media, with many polarizing opinions being offered.
But in an exclusive interview with Azuka Ogujiuba, ThisDay Editor, which was obtained exclusively by Pulse TV, Tiwa Savage addressed the allegations, and made emotional revelations about her husband.
Read the edited quotes of her interview below.

When I woke up, I thought they found him dead. My first thought was that we need to find him, he is suicidal, and we need to make sure he is alive. I didn’t even know what he had said. Someone took my phone from me, they don’t want me to see what was said online. I was just sacred for his life.
At around 10 and 11, Banky W’s Mum and his family were praying, and we got the call that he was found in Lekki, and that he has been taken to Banky’s House.
For the past two months, TJ and I have not been together, it was something we were working through, but I knew this marriage would not work.
I haven’t spoke to TJ in about a week, and we were supposed to get some passports for my son. He was reading the messages and he wasn’t responding. I begged him to be friends, and let’s be good parents to Jamil. He didn’t respond.
I covered up for a lot of hurt in our relationship. Just before I went to Jamaica, I found out that I was pregnant. We were just trying to find out how we were going to manage another baby so soon. I got to London, on a 10-hour flight to shoot a video with Busy Signal (Reggae Artiste). While doing my makeup, I found out I was bleeding and I passed out. I was rushed to the hospital, and we were trying to call TJ to tell him what happened. While we were sleeping at two AM a number called him saved as Edible Catering….I checked his phone, and the number was asking him if she can come to his hotel. She responded that He (TJ) knocked her out last night, that he was a great night. I confronted him, and he said he took another woman to the hotel and said they were just chilling. This happened the period I was in Jamaica, and I was in the hospital. I sent TJ pictures, and he was busy with another woman. I was in ahospital and you couldn’t be bothered find out what happened to me. I packed my stuff, took my son and went to my friends house, her name is Tiwa also. I stayed the night, and she asked me for the next step, I told her I was done.
I covered up for so long because I wanted people to believe that TJ is the one that takes care of me, TJ is the head of the house…I wanted him to be the head of the house. I covered up so much.
TJ has not spent one Naira, I paid for hospital bills, his flight, his accommodation, we also went shopping for TJ so that he will have new things. His excuse was that Í don’t have money’. I had to pay for everything so that he can go out and hustle, and get the contracts. He didn’t have money for diapers, but he had money to have a bi-weekly haircut, had money to pay for his laundry, had money to take a woman to the hotel.
His cooking allegations is a lie. I am not going to say because of my career that I am not going to cook. I work long hours to put money in the house, I work to make sure that we have a roof over our house. I come back home really late, and when I make something for myself, I make some for TJ. I had to hire a cook to cook for me, him and the other people that live in the house, I don’t think that is wrong…Even if it is true, the things he puts me through will not even encourage me to ask him if he is hungry. He goes out and you come home at 7 in the morning, sometime 2pm. He comes back drunk, he comes back angry, and we don’t know what sort of mood he is in. Sometimes TJ will go out and he will not call, and he will not tell him. I am just sacred for his safety, I will be calling him frantically, to find out that he didn’t go and drink. I am even praying that he is with another woman, so that at least I know that he is alive. That’s not the person that I will ask if he has eaten.
When I sacked him as my manager – I will never discredit or take away that TJ worked hard, hustled and believed in me. But what I will say is that at one point….he is booking events and he will book shows. The first time I found out that there was foul play was when he booked me for a wedding in London. I have to be paid before I perform. I called one of the organisers, and said I have not been paid. He said that the show has been paid four months ago, he showed me the account were they paid him. TJ declared that the show was for 3M but they really paid 4.5M, out of the 3M he was still receiving the management fee 40%. He took money already, and collected his percentage, and he didn’t feel anything. He was stealing from his wife. I had to perform at the wedding for free. I do get to perform for free when he takes my money.
My mum is based in the UK, and when I had Jamil she moved back to Nigeria with us. My mother is not like that (witchcraft), she is a sweet lady, and she’s very British, she doesn’t judge, she is not hung up like that. A lot of times, my mom would say ‘Tiwa you are the wife, be patient, don’t curse don’t shout, build the home.’ She has been nothing but a great support for me. I would love for him to tell me if there is something my mother has done.
I have never cheated on my husband. Not with Don Jazzy, Dr Sid, 2face Idibia or anybody. I have never cheated on my husband, and Tunji knows this. He knows that in his heart. (She breaks down in tears) Sometimes in the studio, one of the things that Don Jazzy and some of my other label mates say is that I am really good with interviews, with being diplomatic and knowing how to carry myself with difficult situations. This hurts. I have seen comments of what people are saying about me. It is not true.
I know that for every human being when your father’s ways are not straight, it will bother you. Since I sacked him from my management, he has been struggling financially. He was stealing from me, so I had to save my marriage and separate business from family. TJ wants to keep up with the Joneses, he wants to live a life that is not true. He went to buy a car, a Mercedes that he knew that he didn’t have the money for it. The person kept up calling that he wants the balance. I ended up paying the balance of over 3M. When it was time to pay, I put the money in his account, so they don’t know I was the person paying for it. He also bought a Rolex, and didn’t pay the balance. They threaten to go to the press, and to protect my name, I will have to pay for it. He goes to clubs and leaves the tabs for me, and I have to pay for him. He is putting us in debt.
What set off all off this was that he went to borrow 45 million Naira from someone and he lost it. I just found out that EFCC was investigating a case against him, and my brother called me from London and confirmed it that TJ is in deep trouble, and that some people might hurt him, that I should be careful. In my frantic mode to try and suppress this situation I went to one of my big bros who can help. A week ago I told TJ that we were running out of Jamil’s food, but he didn’t do nothing. He complains, but cuts his hair twice a week. I have been searching for N45M so that they don’t kill him, so that they EFCC does not carry him. What kind of man does that, and says I am the one taking away his manhood.
I walked in on TJ taking cocaine in my house in 1004 (Victoria Island, Lagos). I didn’t even know he takes cocaine. I walked into the kitchen, and I saw him taking cocaine, so I screamed, and asked if that is cocaine. HE started screaming that ‘What am I doing down here, where is the cocaine?’ How can someone without money take cocaine? I called his parents and complained that I can deal with weed, but cocaine, no. So I am dealing with his alcohol problem, you come home late, infidelity, coaciane, bad debt, jealousy over my success.
Before marriage, Idin’t know of his third child in Nigeria. A lot of people warned me about him, but I am going to say I made a mistake. At the beginning everyone says you can’t leave the marriage because our culture frowns on it. I made a mistake, do I have to wait ten years, 15 years? If I am not happy. And I was scared that if I ever find somebody else to marry me? That’s the msiconceptions of our society. I don’t care if I ever get married again. I care about being happy for Jamil, I care about not walking on eggshells. I do want a man that works, that will help me with my financial burden. He doesn’t have to be a millionaire or billionaire, but at least someone that helps, and won’t put me in more debt.
Everyday all I hear from TJ is that ‘I created you, I took you from nothing, look at you now.

The marriage is finally over, it’s been over for a while, and I have covered up for a while. What happened was God-sent, and he made it easier for me to walk away with what he did on social media. He got so many people angrier, he pulled so many innocent people into this. Even his family. He made it easy for me to finally up and walk away.
I will never stop hum from seeing Jamil, never. Even today, Jamil is still saying ‘dadada’, and I was saying it with him as well, that’s his first word. I want to bring him up to be a good man.
Even till now I don’t wish anything bad on him. As we are doing this interview, I am worried that if he sees it, it might trigger him to do something bad. I don’t want my son to grow up and know, God forbid, that his father commited suicide. Tonight, I am still gonna pray for him.
He was getting help at one point when the whole cocaine thing came out. This has been happening for a long time. We get him helpo and he goes to see a doctor or a pastor, or a counsellor and he uses his own hands to ruin things again. If I didn’t care about him, I wouldn’t be covering up for a lot of things. I wouldn’t be searching for help for him. Even now I am still searching for a way to help him out of his debt, so that if he is out of this,
If there is anything that maybe I overlooked, or didn’t love him enough, or made him less of a man, then I am sorry. I am absolutely sorry…Tunji I am sorry. But you know I tried everything, you know I love you so much, and I am sorry, I never wanted to divorce, and I never wanted it to get to this. I want you to get better…and I would always pray for you.

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MOSES NWAISE CHEKWUME is an accountant by training, a visionary entrepreneur and a Nigerian business man. He is the MD/CEO of Reliance Economic Advancement Limited (REAL), a real estate company and developers of Enu-Ani Mega City, a world class residence in Asaba captioned (Green is the new colour of Luxury). Enu-Ani Mega City is first Green Luxury Residence in Nigeria.

He was born 12th January 1971, at Issele-Uku, Aniocha North LGA, Delta State, Nigeria, by Mr. Joseph Ubaka Nwaise (father) and Mrs. Victoria Uzo Nwaise, (mother) nee Otakpor both from Issele-uku, Aniocha North LGA, Delta State, Nigeria.
His father was a primary school teacher while his mother was a seamstress. He is the second child among eight (8) siblings (5 boys & 3 girls) and was the only child to be taught by his father in primary 1 at Osemeke primary school Issele Azagba in 1975. His father was transferred to Issele-Uku where he moved to Ogbeutu primary school and again changed to Egbune Primary school Issele-Uku where he got his first leaving certificate in 1983. He attended Issele-Azagba mixed secondary school for two years and did class 1 & 2 and changed to Pilgrim Baptist Grammar School Issele-Uku where he did class 2-4 and finally left to Niger mixed secondary school Asaba in class 5 where he got his WACE in 1988.

Primary School           
-          Osemeke primary school Issele Azagba 
-          Ogbeutu primary school 
-          Egbune primary school
Secondary School
-          Issele-Azagba mixed secondary school                                                    1983-1985 
-          Pilgrim Baptist Grammar School Issele-Uku                                            1985-1987 
-          Niger mixed secondary school                                                                 1987-1988
Higher Education
-          Federal Polytechnic Okoh (OND Accounting)                                       1990-1992 
-          Federal Polytechnic Okoh (HND Accounting)                                       1993-1996 
-          Obafemi Awolowo University (Diploma Public Administration)              1997 
-         Obafemi Awolowo University (Advance Diploma Int’l Marketing)          1998 
-         University of Calabar (MBA Finance)                                                    2002
Numerous Business Training
Lagos Business School, Lagos
Young African CEO’s Summit Accra
Young African CEO’s Summit Abuja

Started working with the Nigerian Bottling Company (Coca cola) at an early age of 18 in 1989 as a wages clerk. Though schooling while working he was able to gain on the job experience that made him grow to a senior accountant. He resigned from NBC in 2003 to establish his business MOSSEY Nigeria Enterprise, an ICT company that provided internet services. At that time he ventured into fish farming before he registered Reliance Economic Advancement Limited.
Reliance Economic Advancement Limited (REAL) started as a finance company and later metamorphosed into a real estate company. It has since developed numerous estates in Asaba Capital territory, Delta State. Currently being developed is a Mega City called “Enu-Ani Mega City”, a green luxury residence.

He is the Chapter President of the Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship International Core Area Asaba.
Best Real Estate Company in South South Nigeria

He got married to his wife Lucky Nwaise (nee Anyasi) on the 12th June, 1999. They both have four (4) children, a boy and three (3) girls.
-          Nonso Moses Chekwume
-          Fumnaya Peace Chekwume
-          EKene Divine Chekwume
-          Chiedu Marvelous Chekwume
He is a Christian and a deacon at Winner Chapel Ibusa Road Asaba.

For leisure he plays tennis and gym.
He loves traveling and visiting new places and exploring opportunity.

Moses Nwaise's Motto: Living a legacy that will be trans-generational.

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Breaking News: #P-Square; The Okoye Brothers Sheath Their Swords, Issues Joint Apologizes To Fans

Finally! The biggest, the strongest and yet the unbreakable musical group in Africa, the PSquare is back on! The Okoye brothers, Peter, Paul and Jude, their manager issued this same apology on their social media pages. Their fans didn’t cry in vain! Nice one. Read all the jointly issued apologies below…

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Toyota Unveils First Nigerian Toyota Vehicle Assembled In Lagos(photo)

Toyota Nigeria has achieved a breakthrough in Nigeria by unveiling of its first locally-assembled vehicle in Lagos, a Hiace bus.

Toyota Nigeria last year hinted of its plan to establish a vehicle assembly plant in the country to join Nissan, Ford, Kia, Peugeot and a host of other auto firms already assembling vehicles locally.

The Managing Director, Toyota Nigeria, Mr. Kunle Ade-Ojo, said the new Hiace was assembled in the company’s plant in Lagos, built with 30,000-unit production capacity every year.

The Hiace, he said, was assembled as a test case, adding that the organization would soon begin its mass production.

This is coming about two and a half years after the announcement of the Automotive Industry Development Plan by the Federal Government, which raised the import duty on cars from 22 per cent to 70 per cent in order to discourage vehicle importation.

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End Of Psquare: Peter Okoye Performs As A SOLO Act In Abuja As 'Mr P'


It seems it’s finally time to believe that one of Africa’s finest pop duo, Psquare has come to an end.

After weeks of social media ranting, dropping a solo song etc, Peter Okoye has finally made his debut as a solo act under the name ‘Mr P’.

Peter Okoye aka ‘Mr P’ performed at a night club in Abuja last night without his twin, Paul. He’ll also be performing alone on April 7, 2016 in Dubai.

So sad!We will surely miss their performance

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Nigerian Foreign Coach To Earn $50,000 A Month

Broke Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) are willing to pay a new foreign coach $50,000 a month, which is double what former coaches Stephen Keshi and Sunday Oliseh were paid.

The NFF have already been sounding out several candidates for the top coaching post.

Former Cote d’Ivoire and Zambia coach Herve Renard and Uganda coach Micho have already been approached in the last few weeks.

And former Cameroon coach Paul Le Guen is the latest to be contacted by the NFF, according to top sources.

Le Guen has been without a job since November when he was sacked by Oman.

NFF president Amaju Pinnick has declared Oliseh will be the last local man to lead the Super Eagles and has made it clear an expatriate should pilot the Eagles after the temporary deal handed Samson Siasia.

Siasia is expected to revert to his post as the country’s Olympic team after the AFCON qualifiers against Egypt.

The country's coaches association have already dared Pinnick on his move to hire a foreign coach for the Eagles.

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Singer Solidstar Shares DNA Result To Prove He Is The Father Of His White Baby

Singer Solidstar last year welcomed a son with a British woman.
The baby turned out looking very white like his mother. Some of the fans of Solidstar say he is not the father of his son so he did a DNA Test to prove haters wrong

He wrote, “for those of you talking poo, guess this wuld shut ur gutter mouth up…”.

See the test result below

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Hosiery on Jiji.ng – Buy cheaper!


As estimated by economists, the world hosiery market is expected to surpass $20 billion by the next year. What is hosiery and why is it so popular? It includes tights, socks, leggings, and pantyhose. So know you know why. What is more, due to the machinery replacing mechanical knitting machines it possible to produce much more things that it was before.

If you want to make sure that hosiery is so popular and available in its entire diversity, open Jiji.ng and type “hosiery”. You can also look it up in Fashion and Beauty, but it will take more time. On the other hand, due to various filters and tags you can click on it is not as complicated as you may think. And in this case you will see what else is available. Actually, there is quite a lot available on Jiji. There are twelve different categories divided into subcategories and offering quite diverse things – from some stuff for your pets to real estate and land plots. It may be hard to believe, but you can buy literally what you need and want in one place – just sitting comfortably on your sofa.

In addition to everything mentioned above, these classifieds guarantee the lowest prices available anywhere. There is no other store where you can buy things cheaper. It is possible only on Jiji – the classifieds with no mediatory agents and extra charges.

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