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ENU-ANI MEGA CITY: Nigeria's First Green Luxury Residence

A new Green Luxury residence is now in the heart of Delta State. The first of its kind in Nigeria and sub-Sahara. It is ENU-ANI MEGA CITY.

 For those who live here, clean air and cooler limes are slice of everyday reality. There are those who appreciate nature's finer things, and there are those who live among them. Welcome to life at the heart of nature. Where luxury, lifestyle and natural beauty meet in perfect harmony. Where the best of outdoor living springs to life in a way you never imagined. Where nature embraces you with open arms and never let go. Where love for the world around you is second to nature.

Just a short drive from the center of the city, and yet feels like a world away. Get on the expressway and find yourself at the gates of Enu-Ani MEGA City within 10 minutes, 8 kilometers from all busy Asaba International Airport. The strategic location allows easy access to arterial road network that puts the city within easy reach.

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Some of the facilities in Enu-Ani Mega City include by not limited to the following:

- A Perfect Road Network: All roads are tarred or interlocked. All roads have side walks, green area and street lights.

- Constant Power Supply: The City is connected to the national grid consisting of 33KVA & 11KVA and has its own sub station and as such has over 18 hrs power supply in a day.

- Central Water System: Water reservoir of over 100,000 gallons of treated water dedicated to the first community residence. Fully solar powered to generate steady water supply to the community, and as such there will no need to drill personal borehole in the city.

- Perfect security system: Every inch in the city is covered by CCTV and active security guards.

- 140,000 Square Meters Park For relaxation:

- A mini Zoo
- Cinema Gallery, Night Club & Restaurant:

- A First Class Shopping Mall:
- International School:

- A Mega event center

- A Luxury 5 Star Hotel

 -  Perfect landscaping: The city has perfect landscaping environment with no room for bare sand.
- Relaxation Spots: Standard swimming pool, football pitch, lawn tennis court and lots more.


Rose Platinum Plots (929 square meters or 100ft by 100ft) - N3,767 per square meter = N3,499,543
Rose Gold Plots (465 square meters or 100ft by 50ft) - N3,878 per square meter = N1,803,270
Rose Silver Plots (279 square meters or 60ft by 50ft) - N3,878 per square meter = N1,081,962
Tastefully built 3 bedroom bungalows at Rose Silver at N8.5 million

Installment payments and Mortgage financing also available.
Special Offer for 1st 100 plots:
*2000 Blocks
*100 Bags of Cements
*2 Trips of Sand
*2 Trips of Stone
*Architectural Design
*Legal documentation
*Global C of O
Contact: 08035089797, 09021417778

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Bovi Calls Out AY for ‘Stealing’ His Joke And Using It As A Skit

So, I have resurrected my “The Dirt” series.The dirt is basically, reading deeper meanings into things our celebs say which they don’t make clear enough ..
There seems to be a silent beef brewing between Bovi and AY …Bovi shared a video from 8 years ago and while I didn’t understand the caption at first, reading through the comments, it was clear the caption was in reaction to AY’s skit promoting his event.
In Bovi’s version told 8 years ago, Bovi narrated that, a security man had to headbutt his boss’s daughter because the boss had earlier told him to use his head to prevent the daughter from going out …
In AY’s version, he tells his security man to use his head in a bid to top his girlfriend from visiting him during his date with another. When the security man asks how to prevent her from gaining entry, AY says “Use your head”. When the girl came, the security man headbutted her.
Bovi’s fans agreed the skit was a rip off of Bovi’s intellectual property. And others argue that , though comedians borrow jokes, using it as a skit is another thing entirely..
Let’s hope this is sorted out  …
See both videos below and fan comments..

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Japanese Boxer Slices P*nis Of Lawyer Who Has Been Sleeping With His Wife, Then Flushed It Down A Toilet

Japanese police have arrested a man accused of bursting into a lawyer’s office and cutting off his penis with garden shears before flushing it down a toilet.
Media reports said Ikki Kodukai, a 24-year-old Tokyo graduate student, may have carried out the horrifying act in revenge over his wife’s romantic involvement with the 42-year-old victim.
Police said Kodukai, who was arrested shortly after the alleged attack, punched the unnamed lawyer several times before prying off his pants and then severing his ‘lower body part’ with the shears.
It is not the first time a p*nis has ended up down a toilet as a result of a s3xual encounter. In Peru in 2012 a jealous wife sliced off her husband’s p*nis and flushed it away.

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10 Nigerian Celebs Who Died In Their Prime

This list was compiled in remembrance of our talented Nigerian celebs who died in their prime.


1. Mc Loph (Musician)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
Obiajulu Kenneth Nwaozor, Eastern highlife rapper famed for his hit remake single of Osadebede’s song died in a tragic car crash on 14 September 2011 on the notorious Benin – Ore Expressway.
Nwaozor was travelling to his home town in Anambra State from Lagos to perform his traditional marriage rites. He was driving and his fiancé and her sister were his passengers. His fiancé was the only survivor.
MC Loph had begun to gain his recognition as an artiste in the country, especially in Eastern Nigeria.

2. Cassandra Gabriel (Actress)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
In 2012, Cassandra Gabriel was taken away by death after a battle with illness believed to be cancer (breast) related.
Cassandra was popular in the TV comedy series, Face2Face where she played the character, Sisi Carol.
Cassandra hails from Okpuje in Igueben local government of Edo State.

3. Chindinma Mbalaso (Koko Mansion Star)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
Chidinma Mbalaso of the Koko Mansion fame, the 2009 reality show died in Kaduna in 2011, aged 22.
The University of Abuja undergraduate was the 2nd runner up in the maiden edition of this show. She registered her presence at the show with her stunning and beautiful look.
Chidinma was involved in a motor accident while on her way back to Abuja, from Kaduna where she had gone to pick up her car, the very first she bought with her money.
She was driving back to Abuja when a motorcycle ran unto her path.
In trying to avoid the motorcycle she lost control. She sustained serious injuries from the accident and suffered internal bleeding.
She was in coma for hours, with friends and relations trying to get blood for her she died while the efforts were on.

4. CD John (Comedian and MC)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
CD John died on March, 2011 after he suffered a serious injury in an auto crash in Lagos last night. Reliable sources said he was driving a Black Gulf 3 car which ran into a stationary vehicle on Lagos Island.
From the accident scene, he was rushed to St. Nicholas Hospital, Lagos Island, where he died. He was on his way back from the “Industry Nite” dedicated to Questionmark Records’ act Harrysong who is promoting his new album. He was the MC at the event held at the Tribeca, Adetokunbo Ademola, Victoria Island, when he crashed his car.

5. Charles Warren (Actor)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
Charles Warren died in 2014 after he complained of chest pains. He was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was confirmed dead on arrival by doctors….
Charles Warren came into the movie industry in the late 90’s and played sub roles in movies including ‘State of Emergency’ and ‘Law 58’ before having his first major break in ‘Mark of D Beast’, which featured reggae artiste Majek Fashek in 2001….

6. Da Grin (The Peoples’ Rapper)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
Sometime In 2010, Da Grin was rushed to the hospital after been involved in a fatal car crash; he was pronounced dead a week later. It was said that he ran into a stationary trailer and was placed on life support in the hospital but his health and condition relapsed. Da Grin left deep footprints in the Nigerian Music.

7. Goldie (Musician)

goldie harvey
Barely few hours after Goldie returned from LA, where she had attended the Grammys in 2013, she slumped. She had complained of headache but nobody took it seriously. She was rushed to her official hospital, Reddington, Victoria Island, Lagos, where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival.
Susan  Harvey (Popularly known as Goldie) born October 22, 1982 was a multi-talented Nigerian musician.

8. Kefee (Gospel Singer)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
Kefee passed away on June 13, 2014 after being in a coma for weeks in an undisclosed American hospital.
She went into coma, after collapsing in a 14-hour flight while she was on her way to Chicago for an event.

9. Esther Kanu (Model)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
24-year-old Esther Kanu died on the morning of Wednesday, January 7th 2015. Sources say she suddenly slumped and was immediately taken to the hospital, where she died..
Mr. Desmond Agboola, CEO of Queen of Aso Nigeria beauty pageant confirmed her death, saying:
“Esther didn’t show any sign of ill health so she cannot be said that she was ill.
“She was even with some friends a day before she died. She just woke up yesterday morning, slumped in her room and died,” he said.Nigerian model, Esther Kanu, once participated in the 2013 edition of Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria beauty pageant where she represented Abia State.

10. Muna Obiekwe (Actor)

Nigerian Celebs Who Died
Muna Obiekwe, passed away due to alleged kidney related disease. According to sources, the late actor’s predicament, which led to his untimely death was said to have gone on for long, but the actor thought he could manage it. He ignored the pains and continued working without paying much attention.
The late Muna was one of the three busiest actors, who featured in over 50 movies like Dirty Secret, Great Betrayal, BlackBerry Babes, Zara, Men in Love, amongst others.

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Photos From A Wedding Found On Facebook

That's the groomsmen, bridesmaids, bride & the groom in a portrait. See more pics after the cut

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NFF sacks Keshi


The Nigeria Football Federation has terminated the appointment of Stephen Keshi as Head Coach of the Senior National Football Team, Super Eagles.
A statement by the NFF Executive Committee on Saturday said the decision was made, “having thoroughly reviewed the reports/findings of the NFF Disciplinary Committee and NFF Technical and Development Committee, as well as having reviewed the actions and inactions of Mr. Stephen Keshi, in the performance of his duties as Super Eagles’ Head Coach.”
The Federation said Keshi was found to ” lack the required commitment to achieve the Federation’s objectives as set out in the Coach’s employment contract.”

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Exclusive photo: Karen Igho welcomes son

Aww, happy news! Karen Igho welcomed her son at the Mount Sinai Roosevelt hospital in New York this morning July 4th. Big congrats to her!

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How Man Was Abducted, Killed And Buried By Father’s Client

34-year-old Enero Ukonga, a graduate of the University of Benin, had just returned home after completing his Masters in Business Administration ,MBA course in Turkey and was making an attempt to proceed for his PHD in the United States of America. As he relaxed in his Opebi, Lagos family home, one Osaretin Enabulele , accompanied by four others identified as Elisha Jonah, Kazeem Ibrahim, Charles Timinnemi, a Medical student in Romania who was on holiday and the forth identified simply as Fred, came visiting.
The lead man, Enabulele , an importer who resides in Benin city, Edo state, was said to have informed Uknonga’s father on phone, that he was bringing the original copy of the bill of laden of a one 40 feet container, to facilitate its clearance from the Apapa Port in Lagos. By the way, Ukonga’s father, a retired Customs officer, is a clearing and forwarding agent.
But that visit turned out to be the family’s nightmare, following the abdution of Ukonga by the visitors. Enabulele was said to have requested Ukonga to follow him to the car to get the document for his father who was then in Benin city .

But apprehension reportedly set it after Ukonga’s friend(names withheld) reportedly waited in vain

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Fct Corp Member’s Take Change To The Street

Following on the heels of a successful pre elections (March 28 polls) sensitization programme, promoting a violence free election in what could arguably be one of Nigeria’s tensest moments in the political arena where the nation oscillated between uncertainty and obliteration, Olusegun Sidiku, remember him? The young amiable batch ‘B’ corper fondly called “government pickin” continued his mission of giving his best to ensure Nigeria becomes the country of his dreams.
Well, it might interest you to know that unlike his prior solo attempt at this humongous task, more spirited young men and women who bought into the novel idea decided to lend their support to the cause by joining him to impart the much needed positive mental disposition to the trite slogan of “change”. Together with fellow Corps members; Richard Tsado, Evangeline Anumba, Dorothy Yakubu and couple of volunteers, Segun led this congenial band to Kuchingoro – Lugbe axis of the FCT on yet another eventful advocacy visit to just about anyone or group they ran into. Fast becoming a signature style, the spritely bunch wore customized white vests with inscriptions such as “preach change, live change” and “be the change you want to see”.
The essence of the campaign was to try and convince Nigerians that the so called “change” currently yearned for would be nothing but a mirage unless people consciously took the initiative to drive that change to reality by first departing from the business-as-usual way of doing things and rather put more effort in always doing the right thing. The group elaborated further that Just like the saying goes that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands, Nigerians must not always rely for the top-down of approach of nation cleansing, instead a revolutionary change driven by the populace could speed up the process and eventually force our leaders to follow suit. Accountability must be demanded from people in positions of authority on a fairly consistent basis to keep them in check.
It is worthy of note that the group also decided to give out food items to the less privileged as a show of compassion and called on the new government not to renege on its campaign promises. When asked about the outing, Segun was ecstatic that more and more Nigerians had begun seeing things differently as they have become more aware of both political and economic space. He concluded by reiterating his belief that what happens on the individual’s inside matters more that the outward aesthetics and that people should latch on fast to the slowly developing paradigm of being the change they want to see. He thanked his fellow Corps members for their support but more importantly all Nigerians for their resilience.

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NDLEA May Arrest And Charge Davido For Promoting Hard Drugs In Video of Fans Mi

NDLEA may arrest and charge Davido for promoting hard drugs in Video of Fans Mi
NDLEA may arrest and charge Davido for promoting hard drugs in Video of Fans Mi
The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) are investigating Nigerian singer, Davido for promoting hard drugs in his new music video"Fans Mi" performed with  with American Meek Mill . In the video, Davido was engaging in a drugs deal with lots of dollars.

Speaking on the decision to put Davido under investigation, NDLEA’s Head of Public Affairs, Mr. Mitchell Ofoyeju said in a mail exchange with Sunday Telegraph, “The agency considers the musical video ‘Fans Mi’ inappropriate and indecent. It has the tendency to negatively influence and induce

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Man runs under bus to evade arrest in Lagos [PICS]

Earlier today around Muson Centre/TBS in Lagos, a bus driver was flagged down by LASTMA officials.
After he parked a funny drama took place when the LASTMA and VIO officials on ground tried to take his bus to their office.
The driver begged them, and when he saw that they were going to take his bus away, he ran under the vehicle and told the officials to run over him if they want to take his bus away.
They told him to leave but he refused and stayed there until a helicopter came and carried the bus away and took it to the LASTMA office..

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Scores of OOU Students killed in Lagos – Ore expressway accident

Over a dozen of students of the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) Ago – Iwoye, were crushed to death k and others gravely injured on Friday when a container fell on a passenger bus conveying them.
The Nation gathered that the unlatched 20-feet container from a moving truck came off when the driver was driving àgainst traffic and in a bid to avoid an obstruction at the  Sagamu stretch of the Lagos/Benin expressway, the load tipped  and dropped lethally atop of the bus’ roof.
The weighty container press – pinned the bus to the ground in the accident, which occurred few meters away from the gate of a plastic manufacturing company situating near the Ilisha Remo junction.

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Top 10 Nigerian Celebrity with Multiple Babymama’s [PICS]

In no particular order, these are the top 10 Nigerian celebrity with various babymama’s;
Special mention must be made of the likes of Ice Prince, MayD, Olamide, Davido, Wizkid, Brymo, are all proud fathers with no legal wife.
See list below …

9ice (artiste) – 2 Baby Mamas & One ex-wife
Special Adviser to the Oyo State governor on Youths, Abolore, has children from three different women. The Gongo Aso crooner and his fiancé Olasunkanmi Ajala welcomed their first child together, a baby girl in 2014.
The baby is the singer’s fourth. His first son, Zion, was born while he was married to his ex-wife Toni Payne in 2008. Aside that, he had a set of twin girls with his ex-girlfriend Victoria ‘Vicky” Godis thus making him a proud baby daddy of four kids from three baby mamas.

JJC (artiste) – 3 Baby Mamas
Award-winning and Multi-talented producer cum musician, JJC, unbelievably has three baby mamas and three grown up kids. This is according to impeccable sources close to the singer who has spent the better of his adult life in London.
Born Abdul Rasheed Bello, earlier said that he’s not ready to settle down any time soon.

Obafemi Martins – 3 Baby Mamas
Soccer star, Obafemi Martins popularly referred to as ‘Obagoal’ has all the credentials to make him part of this list as he is one of the proud celebrity fathers in Nigeria today.
Obafemi has three sons with three different women and he isn’t married to any of them. He welcomed his last son with Balotelli’s sister, Abigail Barwuah and they live together.

IK Ogbonna – 2 Baby Mamas
The talented actor already has a beautiful daughter who’s barely three years old with another woman. IK Ogbonna and his gorgeous girlfriend, Sonia Moralez who recently welcomed a baby together.
The identity of IK’s first baby mama had been hidden from the public eyes due to reasons best known to him, until he started showing her off on his Instagram page.

Flavour – 2 Baby Mamas
Beautiful former MBGN queen Anna Ebiere Banna is heavily pregnant for the current high-life king, Flavour Na’abalia.
Flavour will have two children from two Nigerian beauty queens. He welcomed a child with beauty queen Sandra Okagbue in September 2014.

Oritsefemi – 2 Baby mamas
Music sensation, Oritse Femi who rose to fame since the release of his re-make of Fela Kuti’s ‘Double Wahala’ song, is a proud father of two beautiful daughters who are between 9 and 10 with two different baby-mama’s.
Oritse Femi has said it severally, that he has no plans whatsoever to marry any of the mothers of his daughters. According to him, he’s got a fiancee and they are planning to get married soon.

2Face Idibia – 2 Baby Mamas and one wife
Celebrated singer, Innocent Idibia, better known as 2face Idibia, has been the butt of jokes of comedians who tagged him as ‘Father Of Many Nations.’
He is legally married to longtime girlfriend, Annie Macaulay and the union is blessed with two kids.
However, the award-winning singer has five kids with two Baby Mamas namely Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajaba who is now married to a pastor.

Tee Billz – One Baby Mama and a wife
Tiwa Savage’s Manager turned husband, Tee Billz reportedly has two children with ex-girlfriend before he got married to the sensational singer.
According to information, the ex-lovers were not married but reportedly dated for a couple of years and the romance resulted in two beautiful girls.
He now expects another bundle of joy from wife, Tiwa, who is due to deliver in a couple of months.

Pasuma – 5 baby mamas
Popular fuji musician, Alabi Pasuma has been linked with several women, including Nollywood actresses and top socialite.
Although, the talented and handsome composer has not officially tied the knot with any woman, yet he is said to have up to 12 children from five different women.

Kwam 1 – Unaccounted
Award winning fuji maestro, Wasiu Ayinde Adewale is referred to as the father of many generations with over twenty children from different women.
When asked to reveal the number of children he has, the veteran singer has never given a straightforward answer and would quickly back his claim with a Yoruba saying that, ‘you do not count your kids.’ However, he’s known to be married to two women, Fatiah Ayinde and Titi Marshal.


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