Men release shocking video of them taking turns to have sex with a woman who seems incapacitated

A video of young men violating a woman with so much joy and pride in their actions is bound to anger a lot of people.
The video was shared on social media and it shows a group of men - at least three - having sex with a woman and filming it. The woman looked unconscious but that did not stop the men from gaining access to her body. As one of the men had sexual relations with the woman, the other friends can be heard in the background encouraging him to focus and making jokes. They went on to dim the light.
"Great banging that bitch men," the friend filming said. He then introduced another friend, with the camera pointed at him and the friend smiled, giving the peace sign with both hands.
The camera moved back to the man having sex with the woman and the voice in the background also introduced him, saying: "That's my men Chillo right there crushing that thing. I was just in that bitch couple of minutes ago."
All through this, the woman did not move at all. When the first man was done, his friends praised him then the camera zoomed in on the woman's private part as one of the friends dipped his fingers in to remove his friend's discharge. They made more jokes and another man pulled his shorts and mounted the woman.
As though it wasn't bad enough that they desecrated a woman's body in this way, they went on to leak the video online and bragged about what they did. It is not known where the video was taken but it's extremely disturbing and can't be posted directly here. Hopefully, the law enforcement can catch the boys by identifying one of the guys whose face showed in the video.
Watch it here if you have the heart.



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