Ghanian actress Nikki Samonas gets buck naked in movie with Jim Iyke

Lobatan! This is some African porn ish! The first time I heard of the movie My First Wife was when I was sent the above screenshot from the movie, to confirm it’s authenticity I headed over to IrokoTV.com and was stunned by the graphic sex scene between Jim Iyke and  Ghanian actress Nikki Samonas who both star in the movie. In this one scene, the actress in question
Nikki Samona gets buck naked, no body double, no film trick…while Jimmy boy hungrily sucks on ‘em titties!
I’m still in shock by what I’ve seen, I mean for a Nollywood movie, this is some serious ish! You know how “conservative” Africans are. We have seen Majid bare his butt in “Why Marry” & John Dumelo in “Men in Love” and “4 Play” [Nollywood Reinvented] but never has a woman in Nollywood shown boobies! NEVER! Nikki Samonas definitely gets the crown as the 1st. To be honest the nudity was unnecessary but I guess producers have to do whatever they can to bring in viewer. There is one common denominator in all this…Ghana, the 3 actors I have named Majid Michael, John Dumelo and Nikki Samonas are from Ghana. I guess our West African neighbors are more liberal than us Nigerians. LOL! You can watch the movie HERE. Rita Dominic also stars. Note in the scene with Nikki Samonas Jim Iyke is only shirtless


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