Kenyan Gospel Singer Had Sex With Unknown Man After Stage Performance [FULL STORY]

So many of us believe these are signs of the end, but take a look at this, would you say Christians are just upgrading because the world is upgrading? Would such a lady claim she is winning souls for God getting dìrty like this on stage? 

See the old news shared by other blogs below... Kenyan Gospel Artiste Size 8 who apparently got saved a few days ago was caught yesterday night getting dìrty with an unknown male at a night club in Nairobi. When we asked her about it she said that she was doing the work of God by preaching to hórny men. Other sources (Ghafla and Kenyanpost) state that she later had unprotected séxual intercourse with  this male in public. However, Size 8 later denied this allegations and says she was a bit drunk. Is she saved for real or is she trying to cover up her K.Street business?


  1. Anonymous says

    crap! this is her life before she got saved.. Get ur facts straight dummy


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