Jim Iyke Trades Words with Friends Over Failed Relationship with Nadia Buari


Few days after the sweet love affair between Nigerian actor Jim Iyke and Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari crashed, the Anambra born entertainer has started trading words with friends, accusing them of being responsible for the breakup of his relationship with Nadia. One of such persons is US based singer, Emma Agu, who Jim is accusing of being the mastermind behind the break up. According to Emma, Jim called him early today and accuse him of being responsible of his failed relationship with Nadia, insisting he let the cat out of the bag concerning his trip to US to visit his acclaimed ex-girl friend, Keturah Hamilton, after lying to Nadia that he traveled to Miami. Please read the entire gists below…
Emma aired his grievances this way:
”The most sickest creep and a criminal that walk the face of the earth (Jim Iyke) called me some minutes ago and called me all kinds of names. He is accusing me of destroying his relationship with Nadia Bauri.
“This overrated son of a bitch with his amateurish acting skills thinks his name can bring any good to a writer or a blogger. The man with a tainted name, a rogue who has burnt every bridge he stepped on is trying to hold me responsible for whatever misfortune that has befallen him in the last 72 hours.
“So this montebank sneaked into New York around 5am 3 days ago and did everything to keep it a top secret until the bubble bust right in front of him. When I got the hint that James was in Keturah’s house, I thought Keturah was lying. The girl said James came claiming that his relationship with Nadia Bauri was over. She also said james (Jim) came to pick her up for Nigeria. I told her this guy might be lying.
“As a brother and one this crook calls ‘a confidante,’ I sent him an email which he never replied. He wanted to make sure Keturah never told me about his arrival to the extent he threw me under the bus. He lied against me and told Keturah stuff that got both of us into a heated argument. So I smelt a rat and decided to find out from Ghana who is telling the truth.
“When I got in touch with Nadia’s manager, he maintained that Nadia was aware Jim went to Miami and insisted that he (Jim) was no way near Keturah’s house.
“Nadia’s manager subsequently called him, he lied that he was in Miami. I was on the phone with Keturah Hamilton when Nana( Nadia’s manager) sent me a text message saying Jim was in Miami.
“I never believed Keturah that Jim was in her house until she showed me a proof. It became very apparent that Jim iyke lied to both Keturah Hamilton and Nadia Bauri. Nadia Bauri decided to pull the plug off their ever restless relationship.
“Some hours ago, Jim called to insult me. Saying maybe I want to be famous. This writer started enjoying limelight, stardom and fame while Jim was maybe in Secondary School. He said I was the only man on earth he respected till today.
“I have him on tape and will play it to my world audience by 8AM New York time, which should be 1PM Nigerian Time. I need everyone out there to listen and find out why Jim Iyke should be taken off the streets. The guy can never change. That deliverance by TB Joshua never worked. It was a fluke.
“This guy is bipolar , a psycho who needs to see a doctor. I will get him arrested for making threats to my life. There’s a huge difference between living in America and Nigeria. I will teach him how to live in America.
For everyone’s information, Jim Iyke is babysitting Keturah Hamilton’s dog while she is in LA with her lover.
“I have been expecting Keturah to give me the number with which Jim called since he blocked his number when he called. I will track him down right away.
“This guy is a monumental disappointment, fraudster, liar and a cheat. Why is he so mad? The reason is simple. He is looking for a scapegoat. Jim should hold himself responsible for whatever happened to his relationship with Nadia Buari. On the other hand, Keturah Hamilton is no more available. The girl has moved on.
Emma Agu



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