ENGR. EMEKA NWAOBI vs MR UZOMA IDABOH - The Legal Battle Begins.

The Press conference given today by Engr. Emeka Emmanuel Nwaobi, the PDP candidate for Aniocha North Constituency in the much expected Delta State House of Assembly election, after appearing before the court in Asaba, seem to introduce a different dimension into the case instituted against him by his political opponent, Mr. Uzoma IdaboH, who is claiming to be the winner of the Party Primary election organized by the national body of the Peoples Democratic Party.
From the turn of events, Mr. Idabor is being accused of tendering before the court in Asaba as evidence of his victory, a forged PDP result declaring him the winner of the Party primary election that took place in November, 2014. In the document containing the said result, it is also being alleged
that the signature of Engr. Emeka Nwaobi's Agent in the primary election was forged.
All these are contrary to the documental evidence submitted before the Court by Engr. Emeka Nwaobi's Lawyer, which were all certified as true copies by the National body of the Peoples Democratic Party, the same body that constituted the panel that conducted the Party primary election in the state.
On the issue of forged Police Certificate, an allegation made against him by Mr Uzoma Idaboh, the court is yet to determine the truth about it as it is presently surrounded by a lot of complexities necessitating further investigation.
Meanwhile, on account of the emerging scenario, Engr. Emeka Nwaobi, through his lawyer had petitioned zone 5 Police Headquarters Benin over Mr. Idaboh's alleged forged documents and at the same time, applied for transfer of the case to the zone.
We have it on good record that as at the time of submitting this report, officers from zone 5, Benin are already in Asaba to perfect the process of transferring the case to Benin, Edo State capital.



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