Fct Corp Member’s Take Change To The Street

Following on the heels of a successful pre elections (March 28 polls) sensitization programme, promoting a violence free election in what could arguably be one of Nigeria’s tensest moments in the political arena where the nation oscillated between uncertainty and obliteration, Olusegun Sidiku, remember him? The young amiable batch ‘B’ corper fondly called “government pickin” continued his mission of giving his best to ensure Nigeria becomes the country of his dreams.
Well, it might interest you to know that unlike his prior solo attempt at this humongous task, more spirited young men and women who bought into the novel idea decided to lend their support to the cause by joining him to impart the much needed positive mental disposition to the trite slogan of “change”. Together with fellow Corps members; Richard Tsado, Evangeline Anumba, Dorothy Yakubu and couple of volunteers, Segun led this congenial band to Kuchingoro – Lugbe axis of the FCT on yet another eventful advocacy visit to just about anyone or group they ran into. Fast becoming a signature style, the spritely bunch wore customized white vests with inscriptions such as “preach change, live change” and “be the change you want to see”.
The essence of the campaign was to try and convince Nigerians that the so called “change” currently yearned for would be nothing but a mirage unless people consciously took the initiative to drive that change to reality by first departing from the business-as-usual way of doing things and rather put more effort in always doing the right thing. The group elaborated further that Just like the saying goes that he who comes to equity must come with clean hands, Nigerians must not always rely for the top-down of approach of nation cleansing, instead a revolutionary change driven by the populace could speed up the process and eventually force our leaders to follow suit. Accountability must be demanded from people in positions of authority on a fairly consistent basis to keep them in check.
It is worthy of note that the group also decided to give out food items to the less privileged as a show of compassion and called on the new government not to renege on its campaign promises. When asked about the outing, Segun was ecstatic that more and more Nigerians had begun seeing things differently as they have become more aware of both political and economic space. He concluded by reiterating his belief that what happens on the individual’s inside matters more that the outward aesthetics and that people should latch on fast to the slowly developing paradigm of being the change they want to see. He thanked his fellow Corps members for their support but more importantly all Nigerians for their resilience.


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