ENU-ANI MEGA CITY: Nigeria's First Green Luxury Residence

A new Green Luxury residence is now in the heart of Delta State. The first of its kind in Nigeria and sub-Sahara. It is ENU-ANI MEGA CITY. ENU-ANI MEGA CITY is powered by Reliance Economic Advancement Limited a Real estate company based in Asaba Delta State.

 For those who live here, clean air and cooler limes are slice of everyday reality. There are those who appreciate nature's finer things, and there are those who live among them. Welcome to life at the heart of nature. Where luxury, lifestyle and natural beauty meet in perfect harmony. Where the best of outdoor living springs to life in a way you never imagined. Where nature embraces you with open arms and never let go. Where love for the world around you is second to nature.

Just a short drive from the center of the city, and yet feels like a world away. Get on the expressway and find yourself at the gates of Enu-Ani MEGA City within 10 minutes, 8 kilometers from all busy Asaba International Airport. The strategic location allows easy access to arterial road network that puts the city within easy reach.

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Some of the facilities in Enu-Ani Mega City include by not limited to the following:

- A Perfect Road Network: All roads are tarred or interlocked. All roads have side walks, green area and street lights.

- Constant Power Supply: The City is connected to the national grid consisting of 33KVA & 11KVA and has its own sub station and as such has over 18 hrs power supply in a day.

- Central Water System: Water reservoir of over 100,000 gallons of treated water dedicated to the first community residence. Fully solar powered to generate steady water supply to the community, and as such there will no need to drill personal borehole in the city.

- Perfect security system: Every inch in the city is covered by CCTV and active security guards.

- 140,000 Square Meters Park For relaxation:

- A mini Zoo
- Cinema Gallery, Night Club & Restaurant:

- A First Class Shopping Mall:
- International School:

- A Mega event center

- A Luxury 5 Star Hotel

 -  Perfect landscaping: The city has perfect landscaping environment with no room for bare sand.
- Relaxation Spots: Standard swimming pool, football pitch, lawn tennis court and lots more.


Rose Platinum Plots (929 square meters or 100ft by 100ft) - N3,767 per square meter = N3,499,543
Rose Gold Plots (465 square meters or 100ft by 50ft) - N3,878 per square meter = N1,803,270
Rose Silver Plots (279 square meters or 60ft by 50ft) - N3,878 per square meter = N1,081,962
Tastefully built 3 bedroom bungalows at Rose Silver at N8.5 million

Installment payments and Mortgage financing also available.
Special Offer for 1st 100 plots:
*2000 Blocks
*100 Bags of Cements
*2 Trips of Sand
*2 Trips of Stone
*Architectural Design
*Legal documentation
*Global C of O
Contact: 08035089797, 09021417778



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