Cover Up: Rihanna’s Billboards In Ireland Covered With Clothes (PHOTO)

Cover Up: Rihanna’s Billboards In Ireland Covered With Clothes (PHOTO)

Ireland is currently facing their greatest threat since the potato famine: Rihanna‘s boobs.
And there aren’t enough four-leaf clovers in the world to protect those lucky (or so they say) Irish people, now that they’ve landed in Ri-Ri’s crosshairs and become her public enemy No. 1.
Rih “#BoutThatLife” Anna is currently embarked on a goodwill ambassadorship of the globe (aka the Diamonds World Tour), where she has grabbed her crotch for France and flipped off Turkey, but Ireland has suffered her wrath the worst. And the people of Dublin are rising up.
The pop star’s latest assault on the country: Wallpapering the city of Dublin with her naked body, plastered on posters (the same photo used for her Unapologetic album cover) promoting her concert.
Dubliners have taken it upon themselves to protect the weak, the elderly and the children—won’t anyone please think of the children!—from this sight, by stapling clothing over Ri-Ri’s Ri-Ris, as seen in these photos from Reddit.
The people of Ireland have faced off against Rihanna’s breasts in the past, when she filmed the music video for her song We Found Love topless in a field and was told by an Irish farmer to cover up or GTFO.
She got TFO. But she’ll be back, Ireland. And she’s bringing her boobs with her.
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