Christmas Riot in Eket: 3 people feared Dead…

25th December in every year is marked as Christmas day – a day Set as by Christians around the world to celebrate the birthday of Jesus Christ, its always full of fun and laughter, joy and giving. A tradition many hold sacred.
But the streets of Eket sounded
opposite, things went virtually wrong.
Markedly, today is usually Okon village day in Eket Local Government Area.
A day they sit to rejoice and celebrate their historic beginning.
But around 1pm, the story changed,
gunshots filled the air as a clash
between the villagers and the police
had spurn.
3 persons where reportedly dead while more than 15 where injured at as the time of filing this report.
They was an attempt to burn down a police station in Eket also.
At the moment, Ukwa road has been closed and motorist diverted.
For now the root cause of the matter is yet to be ascertained.
More details later….



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