Davido bashes his Chevrolet Camaro in Lekki Lagos

Music star Davido looked lost for words this evening after his pretty white Chevrolet Camaro which is said to cost over N17Million received some pretty nasty damage from another motorist.
Source was right behind his convoy when she spotted a rather gloom Davido on the passengers side. The men driving the other car were ready for a fight as the accident occurred right on the Lekki Phase one roundabout just in front of Admiralty Way in Lagos.
They got Davido’s driver to pull down the tinted glass so they could scream at them but it seemed they calmed down when they saw it was Davido or maybe some sort of understanding quietly transpired between the two parties.
The bashing sure did put the artiste in an awful mood. Not the smooth entrance he must have anticipated, but hey, s**t happens.
hours later, the artiste tweeted about the arrival of a new car.



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