I can’t be attracted to any Nigerian man – NollyWood Actress Chioma Toplis

Here’s what the Nollywood actress who is married to a Briton had to say when she was asked in this recent interview if she ever gets tempted by the Nollywood boys. She said:
I met my husband in Nigeria 18 years ago. I met him at a party that was organised by my friend’s company. He said he liked the way I was laughing. I did not even notice his presence because I was very young and naive at the time.I am not tempted. I hardly come out so there is no question of male attention. I am married to my business and people hardly see me outside.  Men can only be attracted to me when they see me. I hardly go to parties when I am in Nigeria. As a matter of fact, there is no man here that I can be attracted to.



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