“If I see Chris Okotie in Heaven, I’ll leave” – Top 10 reactions to Chris Okotie’s “Catholics are going to hell” sermon (TWEETS)

  C.H.I.D.D.Y @Cyrilchiddy
If I see Chris Okotie in Heaven, I will leave Heaven. Heaven is not for divorcees

I really want to know who Rev. Chris Okotie's weed guy is. I mean that nigga gives him so next level shit. That man loves his good kush!

Bar Baric @Bar_Baric
When Chris Okotie was running for President, he didn't tell us all Catholics were hell-bound devil worshipers. Perhaps, he forgot.

  OgheneLucia @Speechylucia
Use to think Chris Okotie has small sense, he's a big fool
  Sikkid @i_am_sikkid
Chris okotie a man of God passing judgement isn't that hypocrisy , without the catholic.and dis is coming from someone who divorced his wife



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