Why Women Experience Painful ‘First Time’ S*x

Women often have painful s*x on their first s*xual experience or if they have been on a s*xual sabbatical.
But s*x for the first time should be memorable and of course pleasurable so why do women experience painful intercourse.
Read on to learn about the causes of painful intercourse and ways to prevent it.
Medically, painful intercourse is known as dyspareunia and according to NCBI, ‘The overall prevalence of dyspareunia was 12.6 per cent, with a higher prevalence in the central region, among newly married and younger women, among Muslims, rural residents, and among non users or traditional contraceptive method users.
Dyspareunia was significantly more common among respondents who had urinary sensory symptoms when compared with their counterparts.’
Three Types of Dyspareunia:
1) Entry pain
2) Deep Pain
3) Emotional factors
Entry pain, Dyspareunia: Lack of lubrication – Too much friction is a cause of painful intercourse. Lack of lubrication intensifies the pain during intercourse. Engage in longer foreplay to increase lubrication and reduce friction in the v**ina.
Entry pain, Dyspareunia: Injury – Irritation due to injury, accident or conprivate part abnormality is another reason for dyspareunia.
Entry pain, Dyspareunia: Inflammation – Inflammation or infection of the private parts can increase your chances of painful intercourse. Problems like urinary tract infection and private part skin problems can also cause dyspareunia.
Entry pain, Dyspareunia: Vaginismus – This condition is characterised as involuntary muscle spasms of the v**ina that makes s*x a painful experience.
Deep pain, Dyspareunia: Ailments - There are several health problems that affect the v**ina and uterus. Fibroids, haemorrhoids, ovarian cyst and endometriosis are some of the factors that can cause dyspareunia.
Deep pain, Dyspareunia: Surgeries – Surgeries at the pelvic area and chemotherapy are some of the causes of Dyspareunia. Surgeries and chemo make the skin tender, which can result in painful s*x.
Emotional factors, Dyspareunia: Psychology – Depression, anxiety and stress are some of the factors that cause painful intercourse. Your pelvic muscles tighten when you are stressed making it difficult for smooth and painless penetration.
Source: Times of India



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