Teen Girl Almost Dies After Sleeping Next To Her Smartphone

In our ultra-connected society where none of us like to miss a call, text, or email. Many of us have been guilty of sleeping with our smartphones or having them close by our bed.
13-year-old Ariel Tolfree, recently learned the consequences of leaving her phone in her bed while she was asleep. Tolfree was awoken by her Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphone smoldering silently under her pillow.
Apparently what happened was the battery ignited, creating a small fire that scorched her pillow and bed sheets.
The girls father believes “the smartphone’s battery ignited during the night, creating a small fire that caused it to begin to melt.”
The following image shows a close up effect of the fire. Samsung blames the use of a battery that wasn’t manufactured by the company. Samsung warns not to do this, it’s a “common warning.”



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