Tiwa Savage on why she married her hubby Teebillz


They are one of the most talked about love birds in the music industry and according to a recent report on CityPeople magazine, Tiwa Savage revealed how she and hubby Teebillz met, fell in love and are married today.
  • How they met:
I met Tee Billz in Los Angeles, at Timaya’s concert actually and I was at that time looking for a manager and he didn’t listen to my cd unfortunately. So when I saw him, I was a bit angry , I was like I dropped my songs a few weeks ago and am the next big thing and you are missing out and he was like wow calm down ,who are you? And then funny enough the next thing he said was, I am going to marry you.

  • On how he finally proposed years later, Tiwa said:
We had actually come back from Dubai a few days earlier and spent a week there. I actually thought he was going to propose to me there. I was hoping he would propose while we were in Dubai, so day 1, day 2 day 3 all the way to the 7th day and nothing happened. I was a bit disappointed and was worried like ”Oh My God, is he ever going to propose?”
But a few days later, on my birthday, he said to me he thinks we should go out with some friends so I was like hell no, I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to be at home, I want to reflect on my life (laughs). So my friend Elohor called me and said every body is waiting for you, just come out so I finally did then it happened.
He went on his knees and I didn’t even wait to hear what he was saying because every body was screaming so much. I don’t even know if he actually asked me to marry him but I just screamed yes (laughs) I actually want to thank him specially because he has been a blessing to me.



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