TRUE CONFESSION: How I Sold My Semen For 10k To Unilag Runz Girls

This weird and shocking -out -of -this -world story was left as a comment in one of the posts and I do not know what to make of it…..na wah oh, things are happening!
NIYI said…
My name is Niyi(not real name); a 200 level student of theUniversity of Lagos, department of ermmm, I don’t think that information is necessary.
Well, I just want to share this particular experience with my fellow guys out there, some of us might have been victims of what I’m about to share but have kept it as a secret because of the fear of what people might say.
Few weeks ago before the start of the 2nd semester examination, I went to read all night at theAkintunde Ojo Memorial Library, having played and partied all through the semester, I needed to get myself ready for the upcoming examination by doing some couple of overnight reading.
At about 2am that night while reading, I needed to ease myself, so I went to the back of the library to urinate. As I was urinating I noticed a pretty fair chic leaning on the wall about 7 meters from me.
I got a bit uncomfortable with the way she was watching me take a leak, I took my eyes off her before I finished urinating.
As I was walking back to the library, I heard a tiny sweet voice say HI, it had to be her, I couldn’t help but turn back and respond to her greeting.
As I walked towards her, I couldn’t help but admire her Mila kunis kind of eyes, her Kim Kardashian hips and what a view. In short this girl was the definition of HOT!!!! Her P needed to be set without hesitation was what I said in my mind before getting to her.
On getting to where she was standing I asked if she called me, she said yes and I asked why, she said she just felt like. I asked her what she was doing out there alone and she said she was reading in the library and came out to get some fresh air and she was a bit bored.
I need not dull this P that was right in front of me so I started conversing with her for like an hour before she started getting so close to me at that moment I knew she wanted some cuddling or smooching maybe because of the cold temperature at that time which made it worse as we were few meters away from the Lagoon front; we smooched a little and as it was getting intense I told her we should go somewhere else because of the people that will see us where we were.
I took her to Hell Fire (a coded place in Faculty of Engineering), we got there and continued and before I knew it she unzipped my trousers and brought out my d*** and put in her mouth. Damn! This was my best night ever in the University of Lagos campus.
She sucked it like a professional then suddenly a girl showed up from nowhere, at that point I lost control of myself because I didn’t know what was happening, the new girl brought out a cup from her bag and when I was about to c*m they both made sure my c*m poured into the cup and the new girl took out an envelope from her bag and gave me. Immediately they left, I was shocked by what just happened and couldn’t do or say anything.
About three minutes after they left; I started realizing what had happened, then the envelope in my hand I opened it and the sum of#10,000was contained in it.
Series of thoughts ran through my mind, crazy ones that I can’t list here. I’m sure as you reading this, lot of things would have gone through your mind with the exchange that happened. Since then I have not been myself, better I stop here but I just want my fellow guys out there to learn a lesson from this experience of mine.



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