Actress Anita Joseph Smoking Igbo On Set?

 Anita Joseph is no doubt a pretty Actress with a body that rocks...abeg check out the waist na!

The only problem is that she throws this in our faces all the time,and it has become boring!
Anita your shape na figure 9(I have added google plus one to it you hear?)

This mark on your hand looks like a dog with rabies attacked bit you....please take off whatever this is because no be tattoo be this...abeg.abeg abeg!

The Actress is currently in Enugu shooting a movie and the pictures from the set tell another story on its own.
The Actress is pictured here smoking Igbo  cigarettes on set...I dont care if this is part of the movie,I just want to know what message this is supposed to pass on to its viewing audience
Is this another drug addict movie or is she displaying her addiction on set?

Please look at these pictures yourself and leave a friendly word of advice for Anita.Please do not forget to advice her to buy clothes that reveal a little less of her figure 9.

                                                     Isnt this my Frenemy Nuella?


The Actress is currently ratting to some people on set in Enugu that she is in love with Footballer Mikel Obi...........Mikel over to you;lunch is served and waiting



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