#Tonto Dikeh Is A 'Bitch'.....YES! - STELLADIMOKOKORKUS

This is what I got from STELLA DIMOKOKORKUS blog:

Well This pic kinda says it all......that Tonto's haters only live on the net where they can freely hate on her...In the real world this pic is proof that despite being controversial people really like her.

I think Tonto is a 'Bitch' in the positive sense of being called one  and I like her strenght in standing up to haters and not sucking up to anyone..i don't care what her story is..she simply rocks...I don't even  like her but I must say she earns my respect...shes bold.

If you hate on anyone under Anonymous you are a coward and you need help,Its that simple.

Shout out to all the people who call themselves my haters and who keep dropping anonymous comments on different blogs on how much they hate me and how ugly i am,you dont like me but i love myself,i am ugly but i rock.....ww.Idontcare...thats all

Una get time,whilst you are hating,honey life goes on.....Look at Tonto naaaa.

Haters cried she cant Act----------Well Shes still an Actress.
Haters cried she cant sing to save her life,they over cried and now she sings and even made videos.
This world is a stage and its all bout acting whether you are good or not,its the same platform!

...........If you see me passing by,don't be shy to say HI!



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