17 year old serial child raPist and homOSexual claims he has been having sEx with his mother

The suspect who blamed his strange sexual escapades on his mother, confessed to have had sexual intercourse with her (mother) on several occasions. He claimed that he doesn’t know what usually induces him to have sex with children in the area.
According to the suspect,
“I’m here because of my mother; she used me for ritual. I don’t know what I’m doing. If I see a little child I will rape her; this act started in 2008; it is not my fault but that of my mother. I have raped my mother and four children.
My father is late. I don’t know myself again. I had homosexual activities with one Emmanuel three times at Amangu in Afikpo North local government area“
Reacting, the mother of the suspect, Mrs. Idam Augustina Josephine, 45, denied having any sexual involvement with her son insisting that he doesn’t know what was happening to her son.
”I am 45 years and the mother of Chibuike Maduka; how can I teach my child to rape little children? I’m here because my son raped some children; he is telling a lie, he never had any sexual relationship with me”.
One of the mothers of the victim (names withheld) who regretted the development said medical examination had been carried out on her daughter after she discovered some strange reactions from the victim’s private parts. According her, the daughter had contacted sexually transmitted disease from the suspect. She said:
“I am not happy with this act exhibited by this boy; I usually drop my child at school and then go to work; I really don’t know how it all happened.”


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