I Want To Punish My Dad And His Mistress, Please Help!!!

I found some pictures of my Dad’s mistress unclad on his phone and I have them transfered to my phone but now I want to punish them cos she is the reason he has been treating my mum bad and eventually asked her to leave his house, please I need advice should I go ahead to publish the pictures and how do I go about it?
Response are needed asap>>
Guys help the dude with a good advice please….


  1. Anonymous says

    I tnk u shudn't publish it bt u can let dem know abt d pic.mayb dey'l learn 2 treat ur mum better.

    paul bello says

    please dont do it because that will not solve the problem since your dad did not love your mum again. After you might have publish the picture your dad made decide to look for another woman trust me ask your dad secretly if he do have any feeling for your mum


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