Woman Steals Man’s Sperm During Oral s*x To Get Pregnant

A judge made a wise decision in a rather complicated case connected with illegal use of sperm. A man sued his ex-girlfriend, when he found out that she had secretly used his sperm to conceive a child. The judge ruled that the woman’s actions could not be viewed as criminal, because the man had given his sperm to her on a voluntary basis.
Dr. Richard Phillips sued Dr. Sharon Irons several years ago. Phillips said that his former girlfriend, Irons, deceived him by stealing his own semen that she obtained through oral s*x. The woman subsequently used Phillips’s sperm to get pregnant without his knowledge. The two lovers split up, and Richard Phillips didn’t know about the baby.
He found out about the baby after Sharon Irons filed a paternity suit seeking a monthly allowance. He was ordered to pay $800 a month child support.
Richard Phillips accused his former lover of “calculated, profound personal betrayal” and required a compensation for the moral damage. Irons did not plead guilty, having said that she did nothing bad to her former lover. The woman added that Phillips’ anguish could not be considered a reason for a lawsuit. The court agreed with Irons’s arguments, but Phillips refused to give up and filed an appeal.
The Illinois Appeals Court has finally acknowledged the rightfulness of the deceived man. The court ruled that Sharon Irons had a s*xual affair with Richard Phillips to obtain his semen. Oral s*x eventually resulted in pregnancy, which is obviously impossible, and testifies to premeditated fraudulent intentions of the woman, the court said. The judge added, however, that it was not correct to accuse Irons of sperm theft. Ejaculation was a gift of the plaintiff. Furthermore, there was no agreement that the original deposit would be returned upon request, the decision said.
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