Trouble For Kim Kardashian And Kanye West – See Why They Are Fighting Over Baby North

Celebrity couple Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are in a fight over their baby girl, North West, as both parents have taken different stands on bringing her on screen.kim-kardashian-and-kanye-west-2325953
According to reports, reality tv show, ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, has hit a low on terrible low on the rating tables, and is in serious need of something new to boost it’s views.

The producer of the reality tv show, Ryan Seacrest, seems to think featuring Kim’s baby girl on the show would be the new spice needed to save the day, Kanye West is however, reluctant about this.
kimnorthThere have been previous indications of Ryan Seacrest’s curiosity and eagerness to please his fans by throwing baby North into the limelight.
Seacrest who is a close friend to the Kardashians and plays host of American Idols, had also been trying to get baby North on the show. He personally asked Kim to bring the child to one of the shows so as to please the audience and of course, win more fans.
The winning tactics as prescribed by Seacrest wont be put into play any time soon, as unfortunately for him, Kanye is not about to let his seven months old daughter be put on air.
Rapper Kanye, 36, and fiancee Kim, 33 are therefore at loggerheads on the matter, as the reality shows ratings continue to go down.
Reports claim, the soon-to-be wedded couple doesn’t see eye to eye on this particular topic. According to a source, “Kim really wants to put North on the show. Viewers and fans of the show want to see Kim interact with her daughter, and how she is as a mother. But once Kanye came on the scene, all changed. Kanye shuts Kim down whenever she brings it up.” The source claims.
It’s not so much of a hidden fact that the rapper doesn’t want his only child to ever pop up on the E! Show, reason being that he believes reality TV is ‘tacky. “He doesn’t want North on display. He will be very happy when Kim is done with the show,” disclosed the insider.



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