Is prostitution the answer?

Hi friends:
First of all i want to thank you all for the good works they offer to us, and for those who has been contributing one way or the other in the comment box, i know it helped a lot that’s why i decided to bring my issues here for a proper advice from my fellow readers…
My name is Olabisi, i leaved in Lagos before the unaware poverty stroked in my Family after my fathers death, My mum has been trying to give us the best she can since we moved back to our village, My mind as been battling me to find a way to help or we all die in poverty, my mum is very wick now and my studies is on the line though Poli has not yet resumed, am afraid that me and the rest of my remaining siblings might not go far this year if i don’t do anything to help, My friend who’s a runs girl narrates to me the simply life of a Runs girl and how they leave big, only if i can join her in Enugu at list with the little i will be seeing from the business, i can go back to school, so do my siblings who is suffering to survive in the village..
Guys all i want is just to free my family from this wicked bondage of poverty, but i want hear from you guys if this my friends advice of being a whore is the fattest way to solve my problems since no body wants to give me a job with my OND….



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